Spencer Pratt doesn’t understand irony either!

So yesterday, rumors started going around that Heidi Montag‘s mother, Darlene Egelhoff, was commanding $5,000 salaries for public appearances, despite not really being famous or notable in any way. Well, Spencer Pratt isn’t too happy someone is stealing his attention, and now he’s calling her a fake-ass attention whore, because holy shit do you people even know how to spell “Self-Awareness”?

“If I need an acting coach, I would go to Darlene,” Pratt, 27, said, adding Egelhoff can turn on the waterworks “like she’s Julia Roberts. The lady’s such a hypocrite,” Pratt said. “I wish Dr. Frank Ryan was alive to tell you, he was in talks with [Egelhoff] to do a full body makeover. The list was so long, longer than Heidi’s ten, I’ll tell you that.” SOURCE

Why does that sound like some sort of horror movie? Mark my words: One of these days, Heidi and Spencer are going to be in the bathroom, and then they’ll look up in the mirror and OH MY FUCKING GOD SHE’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU! Thankfully, if horror movies have taught me anything it’s that whores always die first. So really, this should probably sort itself out pretty quickly.

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