Spencer Pratt fails at rapping … again.

Remember how a while ago, Spencer Pratt tried to launch his own rap career on the back of Heidi Montag‘s singing career and the entire thing crashed and burned like a helicopter made of matchsticks and explosives? Well clearly he didn’t get the message the first time so he tried to create another rap track for KFC and SURPRISE! He failed again.

Pratt tells TMZ the song was produced by TreBeatz — who’s worked with actual talents like Nas, The Game, and Busta Rhymes — and that he was “going to pitch it to KFC for a commercial.” Spencer says the deal was fried when he had a falling out with producers — and he’s looking into taking legal action against whoever leaked the track …. saying, “This is an attempt to sabotage my credibility and reputation.” SOURCE

AHAHAHA! Oh, wait, he’s being serious. I hate to break it to you, but if you’re “credibility and reputation” were any lower, I’m pretty sure the devil would be using it to scratch his ass. Hell, even Kevin Federline has more standing than you do, and his only claim to fame is sticking it to Britney Spears in exchange for a bag of Cheetos.

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