hey kiddies – its the weekend – beautiful day here in sunny LA – not too much going on – i think people are still reeling over tom and penelopes split – and now this is the crazy part – could you imagine if he got back with nicole? i doubt it – but heck you never know with these folks – they do share children – and nicole is over her sorrid thingy with lenny k – so maybe its in the stars – and just FYI scientology was not to be rumored as part of the cruise/cruz breakup – it was simply the hectic lives these mega movie stars live (tom is big – lets see how penelope fairs after tom – does oscar come calling after crusie dumps you? a sorta consolation prize? LOL!) – ahhhh the life –

SNL is a repeat tonight so thats a total buzzkill – next week the donald hosts SNL – so that should be fun – and oh yes – that shawna who got FIRED – was talking trash on amy all over the place including divulging details of amy’s sexual partners while the show was on – and when the show was over – gosh its only the apprentice – everyone seems so bitchy and jaded from this show –

ok will try to muster up some good news or info for tomorrow – until then! AND i will again beat my last months popbytes traffic! it has been steadily increasing month by month – i have also been trying to promote it and have lots of fun with it! so keep coming back – and keep sending it to friends! its for sure good fodder for those water cooler chats!

PS gosh i had been meaning to watch ST ELMO’S FIRE – forever – one of those movies i had never seen – gosh rob lowe was adorable – demi was a mess – i LOVED it! i cant get that song out of my head! – ok now im going to try and catch THE BIG CHILL – and then where can i see THIRTYSOMETHING reruns?

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