STAR introduces paritney spilton!

oh my goodness this is like our worst pop nightmare! a few weeks ago we were all elated when the news hit that britney spears was finally kicking kevin federline‘s ass to the curb but i’m starting to think his replacement aka paris hilton is way worse company to be hanging with! i really don’t know what’s going on in that peapod brain of britney’s but it’s not good people! yeah it’s all fun and games to get a ‘few’ peeks of her shaved snatch but it’s quite gross and really (super) lame of her! i know she hasn’t had a lot of fun in a longtime (pumping out two babies takes some time yo!) but this is all going way overboard!

this week STAR magazine introduces us to paritney spilton! i love the nickname although i’m sure someone else will try to annoit them under another name – well maybe not since the couple does involve ms. hilton! popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!

PS oh my word finally a drop of good news! the billboard hosting gig between paris & britney is a no go – britney pulled out (kinda like kevin should have) many special thanks to my pal JAM for sending over the very latest 411!

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