Stephen Colbert took a break to care for his mom

Stephen Colbert

So after production of The Colbert Report was suspended for the rest of the week, the web collectively shit its pants over the idea that the show might go off the air. The truth is that Stephen Colbert‘s mother has taken ill and he needs to be with her in case … well, you know. The Huffington Post reports:

Since news broke early yesterday morning that new episodes of The Colbert Report had been abruptly put on hold due to “unforeseen circumstances,” speculation as to the reason has ranged far and wide. Many fans suspected a family illness, while others speculated that the host had been fired or that he was engaging in some kind of bizarre PR stunt. While The Daily Show has previously cancelled shows at the last minute — once for the birth of Jon Stewart’s second child and once after the death of a staffer — this is the first time The Colbert Report has done so. On Thursday, a person who has a business relationship with the network told the Huffington Post that the host’s mother was seriously ill, and on Friday, The New York Post cited an additional source who confirmed the illness.

While we don’t know for certain what’s going on right now, we are going to go ahead and extend our thoughts and prayers to the Colbert family during this time. Because hey, it never hurts to think good thoughts and pray good prayers.

Stephen Colbert

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