stop by the ‘halfway home’

hey hey! i hope y’all are having a lovely weekend…mine could be a drop better but what can you do? at least the weather is quite nice here – i can’t complain all that much! i’m supposed to head to a little shindig tonight with a couple of peeps – so i’m hoping that lifts my spirits! i did get a big laugh though after watching the clip below from the new mostly improvised show over on comedy central called halfway home (premiering wednesday march 14th at 1030pm) right now i’m trying to catch up on some stuff i need to watch – i’m behind on a bunch of shows! popbytes over & out for now – check you all later – xxoo!

the cast features kevin ruf (“fun with dick and jane,” groundlings member), the house supervisor who attempts to rehabilitate the misfit parolees including oscar nunez (“the office,” “reno 911!”), a male prostitute who uses sex to get what he desires; jordan black (“punk’d,” “mad tv”), a wanna-be terrorist who is really just a rich kid from california; regan burns (“oblivious,” “the movie club”) the house narc who has an uncontrollable obsession with fire; jessica makinson (“joe schmo 2,” “trigger happy tv”), a drug trafficker who can’t give up her old habits and octavia spencer (“coach carter,” “spiderman”), an armed robbery convict.

the volatile mix of personalities together with the mandatory 24/7 supervision creates the perfect setting for unpredictable comedic mayhem. in the premiere episode, one of the residents smells something suspicious in the middle of the night and kenny, the house supervisor, forces the parolees to take drug tests with hilarious results. future episodes feature the parolees attempting self-reliance training during an excursion in the wilderness, the men of “halfway home” going through a period of erectile dysfunction and the residents being asked to ‘”scare straight” a mammoth-sized juvenile delinquent.

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