suri cruise revealed (kinda)

one more story on that suri cruiseSTAR magazine claims the reason that suri is in hiding is because kat(i)e holmes is extra paranoid due to her past experiences with stalkers! she had to deal with two separate incidents while she was starring in dawson’s creek (ah those are days of ms. holmes we miss!) now that she is all up with tom cruise a source says overnight, katie went from being a semi-famous starlet to one of the most-photographed faces in the world, naturally, she’s overwhelmed being a new mom, and she has to worry who’s watching her every move but stalkers aside i think this is just an excuse to keep the baby in some sorta silent scientology mode – a member of the ‘church’ said the early days and months of a child’s life are of the utmost importance. it’s the parents’ responsibility to shield them from harm anyways who knows when we will actually see the baby but for now have a gander below at what she might look like…popbytes over & out for now…check you all laters – xxoo!

PS yeah leah remini may have seen baby suri but i don’t trust her scientologist ass one bit!

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