surprise – jackson paid rowe!

well it’s not really a surprise at all! those gossip bloodhounds over at tmz broke a story today that michael jackson had paid aussie debbie rowe millions of dollars and would have kept on paying if jackson didn’t claim that rowe broke the agreement by publically speaking out about jackson! if those were my kids – i would have to say something too – i don’t think rowe is the sharpest tool in the shed but i think it’s best she stand up and deal…see kids – the lesson is don’t get involved with odd ball celebrites and agree to have their babies!

oh the good times just keep on rolling with that jackson clan – in all of this i feel bad for those kids – first to be stuck with a weirdo dad – and then have to be embroiled in a big messy custody battle that involves secrets, lies, and millions of dollars…jackson had to claim something since i doubt he could keep on paying her what was agreed upon – we all know his finances aren’t in the best of shape at the moment – anyways this is one very interesting story that i think will only grow nastier and way more bizarre! popbytes out for now – xxoo!

TMZ reviewed court transcripts from a hearing last June. Jackson’s lawyer, Thomas Hall, told Judge Stephen Lachs, “Mr. Jackson was under an agreement with Petitioner (Rowe) here, which he was to pay her — did pay her about four or five million dollars up front, gave her a mansion in Beverly Hills, and then was to pay $900,000 a year for a number of years if she abided by agreement terms.”

Jackson stopped paying Rowe her annual stipend after claiming she violated their confidentiality agreement by publicly speaking about him. The dispute is ongoing. READ MORE »

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