Oh, look, more proof that humanity is doomed: Justin Bieber decided to have a Q&A session with his fans the other day, only it wasn’t so much “questions and answers” so much as it was “screaming and unknowingly experiencing your first orgasm”. Seriously, how is it that Bieber has this much control over weak minds, yet isn’t some sort of demon? Actually, you know what? He probably is.

It was just a run-of-the-mill Tuesday on — until teen sensation Justin Bieber showed up, that is.

The Baby singer logged onto the mass video chat web site, causing girls simultaneously viewing the page to freak out as the teen idol fiddled with his shades. While a question-and-answer session would have likely been in order, none of the video chatters even asked the Canadian pop star anything, as the pandemonium generated by his mere presence alone was enough to satisfy the masses. SOURCE

What you don’t know is that Justin actually managed to convince his followers to surrender their souls to him. For you see, Justin Bieber hungers for your souls. He demands them. They give his hair the dark power it needs to harness The Olde Ones. NONE OF YOU ARE SAFE.

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