survivor guatemala

phew! we have made it to thursday – britney spears had a boy (sean preston michael) – and season 11 of survivor premieres tonight this time in guatemala (i have to keep looking how to spell that! shame on me) – this time the cute guys in my opinion are jamie (favorite scent is hay?!?) and brandon (favorite scents are cut grass and get this the ‘scent of a woman’ – jeez) – but neither are to die for – the big twist this time around is two past ‘mystery’ survivor ‘all-stars’ are returning to shake things up for the newbies to the show – i will admit i am a bit tired of this show – but of course i will watch – thursdays will be busy as the ‘donald’ edition of the apprentice will be on nbc & alias over on abc (i think it’s a bad night for our beloved alias – we shall see…) anyways then after the survivor premiere – we all get to listen to president bush flapping his lips about the issues o’ the moment – who knows what he will come up with this time – 2008 is coming people! ah 2008! who can wait? popbytes out for now…xxoo

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