Susan, Sigourney, and Jane go glam for V!

The latest issue of V magazine ((#68, on sale now) is featuring three highly respectable and talented actresses on three separate covers, for their Who Cares About Age IssueSusan Sarandon (64), Sigourney Weaver (61), and Jane Fonda (72)! They all look simply amazing, none of these ladies seem to be slowing down anytime soon, proving that growing older doesn’t necessarily have to suck!


Jane Fonda says that at age 72, her life has never been richer, more active, or more fulfilling. And Susan Sarandon, at 64, would say the same about her own. As would 61-year-old Sigourney Weaver, 64-year-old Charlotte Rampling, and 60-year-old Amanda Lear. In this, our Who Cares About Age Issue, they’ve all told us, in varying words, that society’s stigma of age has no bearing on their daily lives, only that they feel more confident in who they are and more gorgeous inside and out with each passing day.

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