now arnold is supposed to be the governator i think starting monday – T3 just came out on DVD – and i was pleasantly surprised – altho i would have loved linda hamilton back (where is she now??) and also eddie furlong – but this third installment was a pretty fun action flick – nick stahl was fine – arnold was ok – but that female terminator kicked ass – except that horrible ‘burgundy’ leather outfit she wore the whole time – worse thing was claire danes though – i normally like her – but she looked lost in this film – and the script could have used some works as well – but for an action flick – its decent! and for leaves wide open space for T4 – and i dont even think we will need arnold!

holy cow – this scare flick in cantonese/taiwan – directed by the PANG BROTHERS (of original RING fame) so rocked my world – a girl being blind for nearly twenty years – and gets a cornea transplant – and begins to see eerie things – and its not what you think – and the end was amazing – and opens itself up to a sequel – apparently tom cruise bought the rights to make a US version – i know rocket video on labrea has a copy – also check out the website – theeyefilm.com

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