tammy faye: death defying

hey kids – you all know i absolutely love tammy faye – and wanted to let you in on a new documentary coming soon – that chronicles her battle with cancer – although it is a very sad topic – her spirit and soul shine with hope and determination – so keep your eyes peeled for this – and of course i will pass along any new information i get! popbytes out for now!

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“Few Americans have had lives as intense and publicized, or been as adored
and sometimes reviled, as Tammy Faye Messner.

Four years after THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE, we catch up with Tammy Faye as she
fights the biggest battle of her tumultuous life against inoperable stage IV
colon cancer.

For more than six months, we follow Tammy Faye, the pop culture icon and
charismatic former wife of disgraced televangelist Jim Bakker, as she
undergoes a difficult regimen of chemotherapy, loses her trademark
eyelashes, and tries to heal herself using equal doses of alternative
therapy and prayer.

Though her type of cancer only has a 5-percent survival rate in the first
five years, Tammy’s health slowly improves. We watch as she shares her
journey with AIDS patients at a hospice near her home and then as she learns
to sing again, months after cancer ravaged her vocal chords. Finally, with
the cancer nearing remission, Tammy Faye begins preaching again, with a
whole new perspective on life and death.

Her story is inspirational and heart-warming, as she never loses her
characteristic positive and fearless attitude. A woman of intense
contradictions, unique style, mesmerizing personality, a singer of great joy
and one of the most public weepers in America, will again show the world how
she deals with adversity.”

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Executive Producers – Randy Barbato & Fenton Bailey

Director/Producer – Chris McKim

Producer – Alicia Gargaro

Editor – Mike Rysavy

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