Justin Bieber’s hook up is milking it for all it’s worth

Tati Neves

Tati Neves

Last week, the world found out who Tati Neves is when a video of her tiptoeing around a Brazilian bedroom after spending the night with Justin Bieber hit the web. Naturally, she’s decided to ride this one brief fling with infamy into the stars, so here she is talking about her night buffing Justin’s featureless Ken Doll crotch mound. Via Us Weekly

The curvy brunette, known to friends as “Tati,” played coy when asked what she’d done with the 19-year-old teen idol during their time together. But she hinted that it’d been a night to remember. “What do you think, if I was sleeping in the bedroom, just me and him?” she teased in response to a question about whether the two had kissed. She also admitted to sleeping in the same bed as Bieber, though she stopped short of saying whether they’d had sex. “He rang me and invited me, asked if I wanted to go to his house for a party,” she explained of how she came to be in his house, which the star was renting during his time in Brazil. Asked if she’d seen any other girls arriving at the property, she replied, “No. I’d already gone into the bedroom with him.”

Oh honey … you’re gonna play this coy now? Really? There’s a time and a place to play the “did we or didn’t we?” card, and that’s before Gawker posts pictures of your vagina/b-hole on the internet. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use Justin for fame and money, because he’s pretty awful as it is, but the coyness ship has sailed on this one.

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