taylor hicks…our 5th american idol

i just got back a bit ago from one of the most amazing concerts EVER! madonna put on a great show and i will write up a more in-depth review soon but damn i am still buzzing from it – she was awesome…words just can’t describe the experience but i will try! if you are seeing her ‘confessions tour’ then you are in for a MAJOR treat!

anyways of course i had to find out who nabbed the title of american idol tonight and in the end taylor hicks walked off winning this 5th season…i had a feeling he would and although i wouldn’t call myself a member of the ‘soul patrol’ i will say he is very different from any previous idol winners and i am happy for him since he started off as a major underdog…

katharine mcphee is sweet & all but seems like so many other girls out there in the music biz…gosh i am so beat but i had to post before bed…popbytes over & out for tonight – check you all tomorrow – xxoo!

PS let’s all hope that idol next season kicks some ass…so so SO lackluster this 5th time around…

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