Taylor Lautner wants to be Tom Cruise!

Taylor Lautner, who most of you might remember as that wolf guy with the freakishly perfect abs from those sparkly vampire movies, says he wants the same career path as Tom Cruise. Ummm, yeah. This is a good idea.

In addition to The Twilight Saga, Taylor Lautner has a slew of high profile projects in the works – Stretch Armstrong and Abduction – and the actor says he’s hoping to develop a lasting career on the big screen like another one of Hollywood’s leading men.

“The Tom Cruise model,” he told GQ in its July issue when asked about whose career he’d like to emulate. SOURCE

Obviously, when he referred to the “Tom Cruise Model”, obviously he meant “build up goodwill through a string of well-received but latently homoerotic movies, try to convince people I’m not gay, fail to convince people I’m not gay, join a cult, then get fake married to a woman and pretend to have penis-vagina sex with her so that people won’t find my secret rentboy pleasure palace.” It’s Xenu approved!

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