Teen bride Courtney Stodden talks about her sex life …

Courtney Stodden

Here’s a fun game! Seventeen-year-old famewhore bride Courtney Stodden spoke to RadarOnline yesterday about her wedding night with 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison, and they went ahead and posted the transcript online because they’re just begging to be investigated for peddling child porn now. Anyway, here’s the game: read through this shit and see how far you can get before you lose any and all faith in humanity. I got to three sentences. See if you can do better!

We went to the Chateau in Hollywood it was so beautiful it was a wonderful experience. I was aroused for 24 hours straight,” Courtney, who was a 16-year-old virgin when she married Doug, candidly confessed of their first night together as man and wife. When asked why she thought people found her and Doug’s union so controversial, Courtney teased: “I think it was because he was 51 and his life is over and I’m just venturing out on mine. I’m here to make the second half of [Doug’s] life a lot better!”

One highlight of the Q & A was Courtney’s response when asked what she would study if she wanted to further her education. “I would go to college and study all of Doug,” she laughed. “All of his body, and all the elements within that. What they do and what they still do. It would be a lot of fun.” At times the 17-year-old sex kitten seemed more like she was posing for Playboy than being interviewed by an entertainment website — pouting provocatively, tossing her abundant blonde mane, and stroking her tanned and toned thighs.

But, when asked what it is about Doug that inspires her, Courtney took no time in getting straight to the point. “He’s cooking for me, cleaning for me, he’s like the wife around the house. He picks up the slack around the house and that’s very inspiring to me,” she said.

I have to go make a suicide now. Good night everyone! God is dead.

Courtney Stodden

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