TelevisionBytes: A ‘Big Brother’ scandal!

‘Tis the season, and for realty fans, Christmas has come early in the form of a petty sex scandal, courtesy of Big Brother. Turns out love has gone sour between last season’s most obnoxious showmance: Brenchel. When last seen, the two principles — Brendon and Rachel — were declaring their undying affection for each other, pledging to resume their torrid romance outside of the Big Brother house. By the time the credits rolled on the season finale in September, it appeared that it would be Happily Ever After for the twosome.

The summer lovin’, however, has frosted over with the cold bite of winter. Brendon recently found himself in hot water after an illicit Skype affair came out in public. The PhD candidate apparently had been IMing with a self-professed model named Molly Shephard, and somewhere along the way, things got steamy. So steamy that Brendon disrobed and showed the woman his erect penis.

Clearly Rachel was no fan of this activity. The two have now broken up, and in an effort to woo back his firebrand reality romance, Brendon has recorded a seven-minute mea culpa (posted below) full of tears, sad-faces, and general mopiness. Will Rachel take him back? Will Brendon’s penis live on in infamy? And will he ever be able to live this down? It’s difficult to say, but one thing we can be certain of: this is already more interesting than anything that happened on Brenchel’s season.

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