TelevisionBytes: A first for ‘The Amazing Race’!

The Amazing Race may be nine and a half years old, but it’s still breaking new ground. On last night’s season finale, Nat and Kat became the first all-female team to win the contest, which has players zipping across the world and facing various arduous challenges. The two emergency room docs overcame obstacles early on in the season, initially happy just to claim last place on several legs. In recent weeks, however, they powered to the front of the pack, and when the final three teams landed in Los Angeles for the last stage of the race, Nat and Kat easily dominated. They managed to overcome obstinate telephone operators and brutal Sunset Boulevard traffic on their path to the finish line. For Nat, the win was particularly triumphant as she had to run the entire race all while controlling her diabetes.

Second place team Brooke and Claire made a strong showing too, but somewhere along the line they fell behind. The peppy hosts for the Home Shopping Network proved to be resilient throughout the race, particularly Claire who famously took a watermelon in the face during the first episode. For that alone, she deserved the big prize.

At the back of the pack were Jill and Thomas, the generally forgettable couple who were prone to occasional bouts of whining. They weren’t awful, per se, but they were certainly not likable. Still, even their biggest detractors had to feel some pity for them as they got stuck in the cab from hell. The two needed to decipher a tricky clue to find their next location (Quixote Studios in Griffith Park), but their driver not only wouldn’t guide them to the Internet, but the took them into Pasadena (which, for non-locals, is most certainly the wrong direction).

Amidst all the craziness, we got musical interludes by Katy Perry, a cameo by Bob Eubanks, and perhaps most excitingly of all: the official announcement that the next season would be in HD (finally). And not only that, come February, we’ll get to see some of our fave teams back in action in a season dubbed Unfinished Business. From the looks of it, Brooke and Claire will be back. Hopefully there’ll be retribution for that watermelon after all …

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