TelevisionBytes: Real Housewives of NJ’s Finale

The drama in Jersey is about come to a head as Bravo airs the season finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey tonight. The episode will cap an uneven but dramatic season full of fighting, hair-pulling, and screaming matches in public. At the center of all the drama has been controversial cast member Danielle Staub, who has claimed repeatedly that the other cast members have been targeting her for a violent attack. As such, she has beefed up her personal security, often venturing into various enclaves of New Jersey with a motley crew of body guards and escorts.

Danielle’s would-be assailants, however, appear to be nothing more than docile moms. There’s Teresa, who seems less concerned about death threats and more with making sure her four daughters are all wearing matching ribbons in their hair. There’s Caroline, the unofficial mama bear of the brood, who passes her time doting on her grown children and busy husband. And then there’s Jacqueline, who is more or less a non-entity, but whose daughter actually did lay hands on Danielle once, resulting in assault charges and an ongoing court case.

After all this silliness, the entire spectacle will climax with a dinner between Danielle and Caroline, a showdown that Bravo is unsurprisingly hyping up as if it’s the meeting of the five families. Most certainly sparks will fly, but will Danielle’s fears of bodily harm come to fruition? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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