tequila lip-gloss mashup!

hey y’all! this week the always awesome DJ paul v. brings us one of his very own mashup creations that will totally perk you up – everyone loves ‘tequila’ (and pee-wee herman…his ‘big adventure’ is still one of my top favorite movies of all-time – i can do without ‘big top pee-wee’!) the song is a perfect fit to be mashed up with lil mama‘s hot track lip-gloss – i think you’ll totally enjoy this one! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!


If you’re a sassy 16-year-old from Brooklyn, what would you sing a song about? Most likely the simple things, the things you know. Such is the case with the sizzlin’ Lil Mama, and ‘Lip-Gloss.’ I’ve been wanting to mash this hot as lava track for weeks now, and when I was pondering making a mix for Cinco de Mayo at Bootie LA last week, the lightbulb went off. So pass the lime ‘n salt – and do your best Pee Wee dance to my ‘Tequila Lip-Gloss’!

listen to DJ Paul V. – Tequila Lip-Gloss (.mp3 5.4mb)

Enjoy! – DJ Paul V.

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