Terry Richardson: Accused of offering photo shoots for sex!

Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson

Full disclosure: I never got why people were so in love with Terry Richardson. I mean yes, fabulous, your flashbulb is way too bright and you shoot almost exclusively against white backdrops. Congratulations on never painting I guess? Anyway, over the years the guy has developed a bit of a reputation for being … gropey. Recently, he was accused of offering a model a Vogue photo shoot if she slept with him, which in the age of insta-sharing everything, didn’t remain secret for very long. So now, Terry is denying the whole thing ever happened. Gawker reports …

Update: Appleton has removed the photo from her Instagram and appears to have taken down her Twitter account. A representative for Richardson, speaking with Buzzfeed‘s Kate Aurthur, called the screenshot “obviously” a fake [ … ]

Hildy Kuryk, the director of communications for Vogue, stressed via email that Richardson hasn’t shot for the magazine in a number of years. “The last assignment Terry Richardson had for US Vogue appeared in the July 2010 issue and we have no plans to work with him in the future”

Look, I know it’s artistic vision and everything, but it probably wouldn’t kill the guy to … I don’t know, not look like your creepy uncle that your mom doesn’t like to talk about? You know, the one who tries to friend you on Facebook, and in the back of your mind your like “I don’t know about this,” and you let the request sit in your inbox for a few months before you delete it? Yeah that guy. He shouldn’t act like that guy.

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