that million dollar recipe!

oh my gosh! you know how sometimes you just get sucked into something on TV – that you thought you would never watch – well then let me tell you about a new special on BRAVO (i so love that channel) – that held & gripped my attention for a full two hours! and you know me and my 30-second attention span! million dollar recipe is a bake-off blast – a ‘reality’ slice of life show that follows seven contestants as they vie for the hopes of winning a million dollars with their pillsbury filled dish! and it all took place around the corner at hollywood & highland – so that was fun to see as well! i highly recommend the show – and i seriously think the guy who made the creole shrimp and cheese tarts got robbed! check out all the ‘seven’ featured recipes at and i swear my brain is going a mile a minute on what top ‘pop’ pillsbury recipe i could enter in next year’s competition… :)

In the world of competitive cooking, the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest, with its million dollar grand prize, is as big as the Oscars…in the eyes of those competing. So it’s only fitting that the 41st contest heats up in Hollywood, CA. One hundred mini-kitchens transform a giant ballroom into a kitchen arena, where one hundred finalists cook side-by-side competing for the one million dollar prize. Million Dollar Recipe follows seven of the hopeful contestants all the way from their home kitchens to the dramatic Bake-Off Contest in Hollywood. Each contestant rides the emotional roller coaster of the event and tests themselves in the heat of battle.

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