that notorius bettie page

hey everybody! oh it just feels like it has been forever since i last posted (which was just yesterday morning) – it really was a wacky week…luckily all that .mp3 drama is behind me for now! phew! my hosting was magically restored so everything should be up & running accordingly but if you see anything off – please let me know!

i hope you all caught the 2 hr finale (season or series?) of arrested development last night – i hope it does come back somehow but it was a great end to the third season that really did come full circle back to the first season – it started on a boat & ended on a boat…i miss that bluth family already – if any news comes up about them – i for sure will let you all know!

so i must admit i have always had a thing for bettie page – that pin-up model who was quite popular in the 50’s – i always loved her pictures plus they are so kitschy today (i have one that covers my bathroom light switch!) and i simply adore kitsch! bettie is still alive today (she turns 83 in april) but won’t let her fans see her much these days…it appears there are only two fairly recent photos of her which i couldn’t find – she really wanted fans to remember her as she once was…i do wonder what she does in her time? i would love to visit with her – what a trip & interview that would be…

anyways there is a new movie coming out (april 14th) about her life as one of the sexiest pin-up models ever – it looks really well done – it’s titled the notorious bettie page – bettie even became the subject of senate investigation on pornography – we all know what witch hunt times those were…it stars gretchen mol as bettie – pictured below – she looks just like her – it’s almost eerie! so make sure you check out the trailer on the website – i wonder if bettie will want to watch the movie?

i will be back tomorrow – i think this past week just threw me off balance a bit and now i have found myself in an olympics haze over on NBC – for some reason i can just watch this crap for hours! right now ice skating is so much fun to watch! so i promise to get my groove back on soon – popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

Bettie’s undeniable influence is present still today in fashion, films, and magazines just to name a few. The dark-haired girl from Nashville has become a living legend, a modern icon, a symbol of beauty and femininity that transcends ordinary standards. In the heart of her adoring fans, Bettie will forever remain the queen of pinup.

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