The world is Justin Bieber’s bathroom!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Considering how Justin Bieber just basically scraped by a house raid by the skin of his teeth, you’d figure he would have learned something and straightened up his act. So of course, here he is peeing his initials in the snow in front of the residents of a residential street. Hear that, society? Justin is too cool for bathrooms! The world is his bathroom now, both literally and figuratively! As in Justin is basically just pissing on the world. Hope that was clear. TMZ reports …

An eyewitness tells TMZ … Bieber and his crew were driving in Snowmass, CO, Sunday when his motorcade of Escalades pulled to the side of a private road in a wealthy residential area. We’re told Bieber hopped out, surrounded by bodyguards, and proceeded to whizz in the snow. Bieber was gone in a flash, and stunned residents went over to inspect the scene … where they say Bieber had peed his initials “JB” in the snow.

WILD KIDS! They’re bad! They don’t follow you’re rules, although they do apparently need a swarm of bodyguards for protection. And also a crack legal team to cover for them. OH! And random hanger-ons to take the fall when the first two walls of defense fail. Other than that, they’re HARDCORE!

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