Casting: Finnick and Wiress (Hunger Games)

Sam Clafin and Amanda Plummer

After much deliberation and many sleepless nights of wondering which pretty boy actor could be sufficiently pretty in the role of Finnick O’Dair, it seems The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has finally found the right guy: Jesse Williams! Oh, wait, I meant … English actor Sam Claflin? I have no idea who that is, but okay, he’s pretty damn cute (see his picture below). Variety reports:

Finnick was the most coveted available role in the Hunger Games sequel, and sources tell Variety that Claflin is nearing an offer. The character, who was 14 when he was selected as a tribute, is one of the youngest to have won the Hunger Games. Katniss does not trust him at first and is hesitant to make Finnick her ally, though he proves to be valuable after he saves Peeta from drowning in the Quarter Quell.

Oh, plus they also cast Amanda Plummer as Wiress, which is great because Amanda is a kick-ass award-winning actress (see Pulp Fiction) and it’s nice to see her getting high-profile work.

Sam Clafin and Amanda Plummer

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