The dumbest lawsuit ever got settled

Hey, remember the good old days when Lindsay Lohan just sued babies instead of, you know, running into them with her car? Oh, those were the days … Anyway, that lawsuit she whipped out on E*Trade for the Milkaholic Baby she thought was based on her has been settled, and I’m sure that money will serve her well when Paris Hilton smuggles her into Puerto Plata in her vagina.

A lawyer says Lindsay Lohan is “satisfied” to have resolved her $100 million New York City lawsuit over an E-Trade television commercial featuring talking babies. Lawyer Anand Ahuja said Tuesday the Mean Girls movie star reached a settlement with the brokerage before withdrawing the lawsuit a day earlier. Ahuja and an E-Trade Financial Corp. spokeswoman say the terms of the agreement are confidential. SOURCE

Oh good, glad we got that out of the way. I mean sure Lindsay Lohan did time in jail, got into a hit and run with a baby, and then failed two drug tests straight out of rehab, but that Milkaholic Baby thing was really tarnishing her reputation. I’m sure it’ll all be smooth sailing from here on out. Man, that Lindsay is really turning her life around!

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