The Glee cast apologizes to Lindsay Lohan

Gwyneth Paltrow on Glee

So apparently Lindsay Lohan ran into the cast of Glee at a restaurant and went over to say hi, and long story short they all apologized for calling her crazy, which is sadly still probably one of the nicer things anyone said about Lindsay during her druggie days.

Lindsay was out at dinner in West Hollywood Sunday night when she ran into the cast (minus Jane Lynch and Lea Michele) … and naturally, that episode — mocking Lindsay’s frequent trips to rehab — came up. Sources tell us the cast walked up to LiLo … apologized for the jokes … and said they didn’t mean to hurt her feelings. Lindsay accepted their apology and everyone parted ways. SOURCE

Look, I get it: It sucks being made fun of. That being said, if you’re going to go apeshit and funnel as much blow and booze into yourself as possible, don’t be surprised when people call you on it. Just like if you go out on Halloween dressed as a cowboy and you get drunk on peach schnapps and end up passed out in someone’s bathroom, don’t be surprised when people call you ‘The Drunken Cowboy’.

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