the gottis are back!

ok before anything – can i just tell you how AMAZING the very last episode of six feet under was? i cried my eyes out – but by the end – i felt so satisfied with the whole outcome – and the scene when claire was driving to NYC – with that song playing – showing the fates of many of the characters (claire lives to be 102!) – it was pure brilliance – it wasn’t left open-ended or depressing – it was just SUCH a great last show – i can’t say enough about it – and from what i have been hearing people totally agree with me – everyone feels really great about how it ended – god bless creator alan ball for giving us five seasons of one incredible show – i will miss it – but the finale was so ‘dead-on’ perfect that i feel complete & validated! :)

so moving on from one fictional family – to a real family – those crazy gottis are back! this time they will be going back to their roots in italy – and god bless dear mom victoria gotti who just revealed she has been getting treament for breast cancer that was discovered in november – her prognosis is good – and those gottis are tough to begin with – anyways – i’m outtie for now – check you all later! xxoo

This season starts with big life changes, as John graduates from high school and tells Victoria that he wants to move away from home for college. She’s glad he’s turning into a responsible kid, but she’s not sure she’s ready to let him go. To celebrate his graduation, Victoria throws John a huge, star-studded party. The party isn’t John’s only gift: Victoria announces that, in honor of his graduation, and their last summer together as a family, the entire Gotti crew is going to Italy to explore their roots!

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