‘The Hills’ will not go away!

I won’t lie: I was positively giddy when it was announce that The City was going off the air, because I firmly believed that it would finally, FINALLY keep everyone associated with The Hills off of television forever. Well, I was mistaken, because Audrina Patridge, who was that girl who did that thing on that show I don’t care about, is getting another TV show. I have to go eat an entire can of whipped cream out of self-pity now. Excuse me.

“The show with Mark Burnett got picked up by VH1 so the journey continues!” she told Us backstage Tuesday night. “It’s a reality show about me and my family. Everything that people have wondered about me, they’ll now get to see! And I hope Tony [Dovolani, her DWTS partner] will be on it! I’d love to make some trips to NY to see him because we are such good friends now!” SOURCE

By “everything people wondered about me”, does she mean “Why can’t Audrina Patridge stop staring at the ceiling”? Or “can she walk and chew gum at the same time?” Or better yet, “why won’t you people just go away already?” All of these questions and more will be answered on the premiere of Audrina Patridge Stares Up For An Hour!

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