The Justin Bieber egger has been arrested!

Justin Bieber

You can all rest easy, Beliebers, because the infamous Justin Bieber egger has been apprehended by police. This is truly a dark day for the rest of us. Anyway, after Bieber was egged at a concert in Sydney, Australia, police searched high and low for the culprit, which turned out to be a teenager who managed to break into the arena by breaking in through the roof.

The offender has been granted conditional bail to appear at Parramatta Children’s Court on June 2. The arrest was made after management at Acer Arena filed an official complaint. The teen allegedly gained entry by breaking into Acer Arena via the roof. SOURCE

Once again, the world arrests another hero. When are people going to realize that it’s okay to do bad things to awful celebrities? I mean yes, murder is a terrible crime, but if you were to, say, drop a piano on Paris Hilton, that wouldn’t be a crime. That would be a gift to humanity! Hell, considering how many STDs that bitch has, you could even make the case that you got rid of a biological weapon.

Justin Bieber

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