The Kardashians have a book now!

When you think of Kardashians, the last word you’ll think of is “literary geniuses”. Well, actually, the last words you’ll think about are “elegance” or “sophistication”, but let’s not split hairs here. Anyway, the girls have their own book out now, because dipshit teenagers need something to read in between shitty vampire books.

“This was a project that Kim, Kourt and I poured our hearts and souls into and we are all so happy and proud,” wrote Khloe on her official website. “This book gives you a completely open and honest glimpse into our lives, from every single stage – past, present and plans for the future. It’s at times heartfelt, but overall it’s cheeky and silly. I promise, it’s a very fun read!” SOURCE

Yeah, I’m sure the girls must have poured all their heart and soul into their ghostwriter. How else would he know how hard it is grow up richer than God? In a related story, I just blew my nose into my English degree, then set it on fire for warmth. So long, thousands of dollars and years of my life!

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