the lost ‘lost’ promo

hey kids – tuesday has been upon us – and it is hot as hell here in los angeles – that sun will get you everytime! so i happened across this fun bit of video over at – one of the premiere pop blogs (besides popbytes!) and every once in a while – i just gotta post on something i saw on another blog – and this clip is so worthy of a mention! it is a ‘lost’ promo that never aired for that fabulous show we all can’t wait to come back in the fall – lost – it was directed by photo guru cutie david lachapelle and features the music of one of my favorites – portishead – now back at the office people were mixed on this – some hated it – some felt embarassed – and others like nessa loved it! i am kinda in the middle of the road on this one – but for sure do check it out – it is quite gorgeous overall – not sure how it fits the show – but an interesting take that includes all of the main characters – so please check it out – and also checkout popculturejunkie – popbytes out for now!

watch the ‘lost’ promo (.mpg)

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