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Free Flexor

FitnessBytes with Wes Ferguson

As seen on TV: Miracle dumbell or plastic piece of crap? Move over, Shake Weight! The Free Flexor is here to steal your thunder. After watching the soft core gay porn-ish commercial, it seems that if this thing was effective then every guy in the universe would already have Hugh Jackman arms.

In some ways I’m a typical consumer. Something new? I WANT IT. No matter how ridiculous it looks, the “scientific evidence” forces me to believe their claims are true. The only reason I haven’t purchased every single fitness product as seen on TV is because my cheapness outweighs my gullibility. Just because a celebr endorses it, or just because a fitness model is looks hot hand jobbing the product, it doesn’t mean that everyone should rip open their wallets and throw money. See more busted fitness fads on my blog.


Free Flexor

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