The Octomom fetish video was a spoof!

So the eye-bleedingly awful Octomom fetish video, which was inflicted on the world earlier this week, was apparently just a joke about how Vivid Video‘s Steven Hirsch wants her to do porn. Because you know, ha ha! He offered her a way to support her kids but she won’t take it because she’s a terrible mother.

Octomom dropped another sexual bombshell yesterday — when La Habra’s most famous celebrity revealed she hasn’t knocked OctoBoots in more than a decade … despite some lucrative offers. As for the baby-whipping fetish flick … Nadya Suleman tells us she was “grossed out” when she first saw the footage … and insists the whole thing was supposed to be a “spoof” of her porno propositioners. SOURCE

Look, I get it: You don’t like porn because you think its demeaning to women. Sure thing. But you know what’s even more demeaning to women? A baby-crazy woman who has more children than anyone can possibly raise while refusing to do any work because employment is for the commoners. For fuck’s sake, just fuck on film already, it’ll be the most dignified and rational thing you’ve ever done in your life.

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