the omen was cast perfectly!

hey y’all! the omen remains one of my top favorite horror films – i loved lee remick & gregory peck – god rest and bless their souls! next week the updated version of the 1976 film will be released on 06/06/06 – how clever of them! it stars julia stiles, liev schreiber, and one of my favorite actresses ever the legendary mia farrow! have a look at the picture below of ms. stiles w/ ms. farrow (looking a drop dazed & perplexed) along with their very creepy child co-star seamus davey-fitzpatrick – yikes – look at that ‘devilish’ expression he is workin’…i am sure he is a sweet kid and all but he must have been in damien mode for the red carpet! (by default though kids in tuxedos are creepy to begin with…) i hope this movie delivers some bone-chilling thrills and spookiness plus doesn’t screw the memory of the first movie as many of these ‘remakes’ often do…popbytes over & out for now – xxoo!


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