‘The Situation’ is an art thief now!

Sure, why the hell not. Anyway, a Toronto-based artist decided to immortalize The Situation and his four abs with a painting, and offered to sell him the painting or give it to him in exchange for a shout-out. So then he posted a picture of it on Facebook and now she’s claiming that he stole from her.

The artist — Celeste Gillis — tells TMZ she contacted The Situation on Facebook last month to tell him she immortalized him on canvas — and he could either have it for a price … or credit her art website on his FB page. Gillis claims The Sitch posted the moob-tacular image on his FB page without doing either (above) … along with the adding-insult-to-injury caption, “THE MAN THE MYTH THE LEGEND.” Gillis tells TMZ she never asked the Sitch to take down the pic … because she didn’t think he would understand copyright laws. SOURCE

Oh my God, that last bit is RICH, isn’t it? Listen up, people: If you post a picture of something onto Facebook, that’s public domain. Hell, by her logic, whoever took the picture she based this on could probably sue her for royalties. Hell, The Situation could even sue both of them for stealing his look. All I’m saying is, if you’re a big enough famewhore painter that you’re willing to make your magnum opus a piece based on a some butter-face with so-so abs, you deserve whatever comes to you!


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