the whore got married…again

yes folks – that woman – j lo – got married again to the troll marc anthony – at her la beverly hills ‘estate’ home on sunday surrounded by forty of her ‘closest’ friends – in a white dress designed by gown diva vera wang – who was all pegged to do the dress for when she was to marry ben – just like a few months ago – creepy! so you know hes a troll, shes a skank – i wish them well – and lets take bets on how long this one lasts…it wont be long i will tell you that…i mean i dont be ‘hurtful’ but come on – give it some time – do you know what you look like to the public? i mean his divorce is only five days official – his wife is gorgeous – was miss universe – and now he has to pay her money for her and his kid – and he has to pay some other lady for his kid too – oh fun jen – alimony – and child support – i mean couldnt they have waited a few days – a week at least – all the celebs i have seen interviewed on this crazy union have been in spirit – lets just call it ‘gracious’ – thats really all they can do – poor ben is in the hospital – and shes off coverting with her troll lover – i so do not want a lopez/anthony duet oh please no – spare us all from yr antics – i mean i liked you when you were with puffy – and u were with him for a bit of time – but then he’s history – yr off with yr dancer (cris judd who i happen to think is a really nice guy – and he got hurt – but at least he got to hit that) – so u leave him – run into the arms of ben – yr next victim – and yr all on dateline going on and on and on and on…so yr close to tying the knot with ben – boom – yr broken off – yr spotted with marc – he leaves his wife – and like 6 months later yr married yet again – not many people can claim to be married three times before the tender age of 35 – and i hear rumors of a pregnancy – oh scandal – scandal!!!! ok enough of this – no more – for now…shit i should run a daily counter – how many days until trouble – and if runs to the end of time – or next week – it will live on popbytes! see it soon in the right column…

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