hey folks! its all happening so quickly – the oscars are creeping up – that mel gibson movie opens next week (its a must see – oh this boy loves me some controversy) – i actually just checked out the preview for this at – and i was blown away – the soundtrack is haunting – and i could care less about all the hoopla – it looks like a cinematic masterpiece – BUT i could be wrong – i havent been so inspired to actually go to the movies since the brilliant KILL BILL VOL 1

besides the oscars – some hot happenings coming to LA – namely OPRAH and COURTNEY – oprah is doing a show from the KODAK THEATER (right down from where i reside) on mar 1 – the morning after the big show – apparently taping at 5am – i dont what oscar winner is going to be up to an oprah appearance at 5am – but folks – this is oprah we are talking about – i keep saying im gonna take my ass to chicago to see ms o – my favorite person – hands DOWN – this is one classy lady – her elegance – grace – and wisdom has inspired many – is truly a national treasure – IS DOING A SHOW DOWN THE BLOCK FROM ME! no messy experiences at ohare intl – just an early wake up call – shit i dont care if she did this at 2am – i will be ready! and the local abc7 is running a contest for the next few days – and i am have been entering daily – gathering the ‘secret word’ from each days episode – just to see her! and the double whammy is its AN OSCAR SPECIAL – knowing my luck i go to chicago to see something about 40 somethings sex lives – no this show is down the street – and oh just on the fucking oscars – thank you very much – PLEASE keep everything crossed!! i will let you know what happens – no worries on that dearies!

ok so now i found out ms love is doing a promo show – at the ROXY on the sunset strip – TOMORROW at 1130pm – dudes – i must be in attendance – i have been doing all one can do but sell their souls to get just 1 ticket – thats all i need is just ONE ticket! someone hear my plea! i called the roxy – i knew it would never work that way – but you gotta try – i emailed her web team – pleading – i have emailed on all the promo work i have done for her on the site – and i even had to put out a few ‘networking’ calls – i dont know a lot of people – but i have a few nice cards up my sleeve! and really the crazy part of all this IS – i have been going on like a maniac – to anyone who would listen (mainly you guys) that her new album was due – and how brilliant and crazy she is BLAH BLAH BLAH – posting pics – doing anything and everything to promote my lady of rock & roll – and alas the album arrived – i listen – i like – i listen more – i like more – i play it again and again – and its a brilliant album – solid – solid solid – courtney is in top form – and to be honest i just didnt expect to LIKE IT as much as i do – pink who i made been playing for months on end – is out of fashion – it was a few great months – but in the end courtney is the new ‘obesession’ cd – some albums just hit me like a ton of bricks (like pinks latest, fionas second, and yes even jagged little pill when it first dropped) and AMERICA’S SWEETHEART is now rightly amongst the rankings of popbytes best – so someone – anyone – hear my cry – and gain me admission to the show – it would be an ultimate experience!! and please keep visiting – im down for now – look for an update on my thoughts of THE SURREAL LIFE on the WB – ron jeremy and tammy faye living in the same house – toss in vanilla ice – and erika estrada – and you got something – i dont know what – but something!

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