those spice girls did it up in los angeles!

good evening! i wanted to write a little bit about this past week’s two spice girls shows i attended (it was totally worth going both nights) i can’t even begin to tell you how much fun i had! of course the gals had a little help with their show – from jamie king who directed the show – he was also responsible for madonna‘s brilliant confessions tour (i knew something was up when i was reminded of madge’s show – mr. king obviously has the magic touch when it comes to good shows – maybe on her next outing beyonce should give him a call…her beyonce experience was so weak in comparison with the spice show!)

each & every spice girl was in tip-top shape – and let’s not forget that four of ’em already had kids (and now there’s rumors victoria could be pregnant with her 4th child!) they did change costumes a few times which were designed by roberto cavalli – all of them looked super fierce! plus they had i believe nine male dancers who were all incredible – in addition to being really cute! the ladies ran through most of their hits along with their new single ‘headlines (friendship never ends)’ – and each of ’em got to do a solo bit!

‘posh’ didn’t do much but strut her stuff on the runway (which she did like a pro) to ‘like a virgin’ & ‘supermodel’ (she’s all about fashion now rather than being a ‘pop star’) the highlight hands down was when melanie c did her huge hit single ‘i turn to you’ – i went nuts – i love that song and i do adore ‘sporty’ – she for sure managed to stand out as the best vocalist of the bunch – melanie has a great strong voice – i suggest you check out some of her solo albums (northern star rocks!) including her latest release this time! i’ve also got to give props to emma bunton for her solo song ‘maybe’ and geri halliwell who had everybody dancing to her hot cover of ‘it’s raining men’ – and melanie brown did a totally kick-ass job rocking out to lenny kravitz‘s track ‘are you gonna go my way?’ (the one part of the show that could have been cut was the disco medley which featured ‘celebration’ along w/ some other tracks – it just felt like filler…not my favorite part of the show)

both nights were completely sold out – and people were buying ‘spice’ merchandise like crazy – i did buy one t-shirt (and the tour book which is always a must-have!) but the girls in front of me on line were spending like over $100 each (which wasn’t all that hard…some of the stuff was pricey – including a very cute short sleeve t-shirt with rhinestones laid out like a UK flag with the words ‘girl power’ above it – which went for $90 bucks!) although some of the ladies probably weren’t too keen on this reunion tour – now i’m sure they’ll be laughing all the way to the bank – you gotta make it when you can!

overall i can’t stress it enough – the show was that much fun – you must go if spice girls happen to be swinging by your city! the energy from the crowd was amazing – everyone seemed to have the best time – it’s a good sign when you leave a show and people are still singing on their way home! i would’ve gone a third night if there was one here in LA! this week i’ve got björk coming up and next weekend i finally get to see tori amos – she’s wrapping up her tour – and los angeles is her last stop! i hope everyone had a splendid weekend – i certainly did although i’m dreading the thought of monday – oh good times! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

spice up your life


say you’ll be there

headlines (friendship never ends)

lady is a vamp

too much

2 become 1

who do you think you are

like a virgin/supermodel (victoria)

are you gonna go my way (mel b)

maybe (emma)

viva forever


it’s raining men (geri)

i turn to you (melanie c)

let love lead the way


celebration medley


humpty dance (dancers)

if u can’t dance


spice up your life

the following pics are courtesy of k-ron75!

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