Tila Tequila’s email got hacked, no one cares!

Tila Tequila

So remember how a bunch of celebrities got their emails hacked and everyone was freaking the hell out over it? Well, it turns out that in the midst of all of this, everyone’s favorite poorly-tattoed dwarf-slut, Tila Tequila has come forward that OH MY GOD! She got hacked too and now there are tons of pics of her flying around the internet! But considering this is Tila Tequila, the slut queen who sits on a throne of lies and herp, the media responded appropriately by cupping their hands together and saying “Hey Tila, look at all the fucks we could give, slut!”

“A few weeks ago I started having suspicious issues with my email account with someone constantly changing my password, then out of no where I could no longer log into my email, and I realized that I had been hacked,” Tila told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive new interview. “I immediately called the police to make a report, but they didn’t do anything to help…then I saw the news about the other celebrity women being hacked and realized it wasn’t just me.” SOURCE

I mean sure, theoretically she could have very well been hacked just like all these other starlets, but you have to remember here that there are already enough slutty pictures of her on the internet, so nobody really needs to go through the trouble of hacking her email account to find more. Why buy the whorish milk when the skanky cow will run at you udder-first screaming “LOOK AT ME! LOOOOOOOK AAAAAT MEEEEEEE!”

Tila Tequila

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