Tila Tequila is probably not a kidnapper!

Yeah, so remember yesterday how I posted that weird-ass video where a bunch of paparazzi ask Tila Tequila if she ever kidnapped someone? Well, there’s finally an explanation for it: Some photographer filed for a restraining order against the Saigon slut saying that she and four armed men kidnapped his girlfriend, Shyla Jennings, and threatened to kill them. One small problem with the story: It never happened. Whoops.

TMZ just spoke to Shyla’s rep, who told us, “Shyla was not kidnapped. She has no idea who Garry Sun [the photographer] is. This whole thing is fully fabricated.” As we first reported, Sun filed an application for a restraining order against Tila — claiming she and four armed men kidnapped Shyla on October 19 and then threatened to kill him. SOURCE

At first glance, this is something that Tila Tequila would do, because as we all know, the girl is certifiably batshit insane. But then you’d have to remember that kidnapping someone requires brains and money, and considering that Tila has to take a second mortgage out on her cardboard box just to afford a Big Mac, and that she couldn’t rub two brain cells together to light a cigarette, this story is invalid through the power of logic.

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