Tim Gunn: It Gets Better!

Unless you’re one of those people who doesn’t understand how the Internet works and thinks that those magical flying machines are powered by witchcraft, you’ve probably heard about the recent and alarming string of gay teen suicides stemming from anti-gay bullying. In order to fight what is a tragic, senseless and easily preventable problem, LGBT celebrities are coming out with videos for the It Gets Better project, which is designed to help kids dealing with anti-gay bullying know that there’s life after high school and all the stupid little kids that inhabit it.

Anyway, Tim Gunn stepped up to the plate and spoke about how when he was seventeen, he nearly committed suicide due to being bullied. But he didn’t kids, and look where he is now. See? This stuff is never as bad as you think it is, and believe me when I say that a lot of the people who bully you now will never grow up, and because of that, they’ll never go on to do the amazing things that you can do. So hang in there; high school will be over soon.

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