Another Palin to be on ‘Dancing with the Stars’?!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *Clears throat* Sorry about that, don’t know where that came from. Where was I? Ah, yes: Dancing with the Stars, after taking a step in the right direction by trying to get an actual star on the show, has taken about two billion steps back by trying to snag Sarah Palin‘s husband, Todd, to be a contestant on the show.

“They want him big time,” a source told E! “They’d love Sarah, but they don’t think that will ever happen, so why not go for the dad.” The source said that producers think Todd, like Bristol, would be “ratings gold” and they also want Meghan McCain and Elliot Spitzer. SOURCE

Alright, time to play devil’s advocate here by trying to figure out what exactly the fuck these people do that makes them stars. Alright, let’s see here: Bristol fucked a hillbilly, got knocked up as a teenager, and then rode that train of judgmental self-righteousness to fame and fortune. Sarah was almost the vice-president who was almost the president, but then she lost, quit her job, and became a famewhore. Todd … Ummm, well Todd fucked the famewhore. Ding ding ding! I win!

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