cruise casts victoria beckham as an alien!?!

good evening everyone! ok – this story is completely insane…i almost cannot believe it! y’all know this year i totally fell in love with victoria beckham (although some of my readers have been concerned about my new BFF) i don’t know why but i’m always drawn to outlandish & crazy ladies and ms. beckham fits both of those labels quite well! plus of course i’ll completely admit to being a spice girl fan (although my true favorite spice is actually ‘sporty’ aka melanie c)

anyways i’ve been all excited for victoria to make the big move from london to los angeles (she better bring her oh so darn sexy hubby david beckham along) but i’ve also been concerned about her hanging around so much with tomkat and now tom cruise is apparently casting victoria in a scientology film (wtf is that?!? will it be released in theaters or play at the ‘center’? either way i have to witness this if the film comes to fruition) called the thetan where she’ll play – ok get this…an ALIEN BRIDE!!! (oh i had a ton of fun mocking up victoria in the alien poster below)

oh my word – this is so fucking crazy! i would have loved to seen ms. beckham get back into films (she was in 97’s spice world which actually is a really fun movie if you haven’t seen it) but i don’t think playing an alien in a cruise scientology propaganda flick is the way to go! oh man i have two words for both of them battlefield earth! popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!
victoria is said to be “thrilled” about getting her big hollywood break. a source told britain’s daily star newspaper: “victoria is really hoping to make a go of it in hollywood. this could be the perfect start for her, with good pal tom cruise in charge.” read more…

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