Tom Cruise vs Katie Holmes: The fight for Suri!

good morning everyone! this week’s STAR magazine is calling trouble again for tom cruise and katie holmes – with a supposed trial separation in the works for the couple which if true doesn’t surprise me at all (this is what i’ve hoped for all along…i can’t stand them as a couple – although the cover is a bit misleading – there’s more info on their website) but there’s one precious little girl – miss suri cruise who may get caught in the middle of their drama! she’s totally an adorable kid but she does look slightly demonic below – she’s all ‘don’t cry mommy!’ (but she’s really thinking ‘i’ll take care of daddy for you…’) the other day there were rumors floating around that tom didn’t want his wife hanging out with victoria beckham who he claims is a bad influence on his ‘stepford’ lady (who must be dying on the inside for a little independence from him) we all know that tom likes to control everything he can yet he might not be able keep katie under his thumb for much longer or stop his marriage from falling apart…if they do split up – he’ll totally be itching to get a replacement model – so ladies of hollywood – beware – the hunt for mr. cruise’s next scientology queen could be underway soon (run katie, run!) popbytes over & out for now…xxoo!

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