Tom Hardy is mentoring Lindsay Lohan? For real reals?

Now that Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab and ready to get her life back on track (HA! I kill me), Lindsay needs herself a sponsor in order to keep herself on the straight and narrow. And in true ‘How the fuck did she get so lucky?’ fashion, Lindsay’s sponsor happens to be Tom (Freaking) Hardy. That lucky bitch!

TMZ has learned LiLo has struck a friendship with Hardy recently after the pair were introduced by mutual friends. We’re told they even met for dinner one night last week. Sources tell us Tom is giving Lindsay advice on how to stay sober and Lindsay is seriously listening to him. Hardy famously battled addiction early on in his career and has been sober since 2003. SOURCE

Well of course she’s listening to him. Have you SEEN that guy without a shirt? He could tell me the only way to conquer addiction is by shooting my grandmother in the face, and I’d be writing her a preemptive apology note in about five seconds flat. On a side note, I just drank an entire bottle of Vodka. Help me Tom Hardy! You’re my only hope! … Hey, why’s the room spinning? I love you guys … so much…

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