tommy lee dropping off ladies

oh this is a fun bit of gossip that i witnessed first hand! i so wish i had my camera with me but i didn’t – i was downstairs in the back alley smoking a cigarette (i know bad bad bad) around 11am…i work right on hollywood blvd in the TV guide building (not for TV guide) so this sleek black AMG mercedes pulls down the alley from orange (the street off of hollywood) and who is it…but rocker tommy lee! oh but it gets better…he pulls up to the parking garage which is directly behind our building and lets out two blonde gals (neither one was pam) from the backseat…

now at first i didn’t think much of it BUT then it hit me – he was on the jimmy kimmel late show last night over on ABC to promote his upcoming CBS series rockstar: supernova…i started to put two & two together – he must have met those gals when he was on the show – like some groupies who must have been hanging around plus he was with a guy friend of his who had a bowl haircut of sorts – brown with blondish highlights…two guys (one being tommy) + two girls = one crazy hollywood night!

the ladies must have parked in the structure behind my building (and was why tommy dropped them off there) which would be a perfect & close place to park to attend kimmel’s show (it also happens to be where you would park to go to hooters on hollywood blvd) i should have stuck around to see them drive off yet i had to get back to work but you don’t go into a parking garage for anything other than picking up your car – looks like the girls must have got their rocker party on and this morning dealt with the drop-off of shame (in NYC it’s called the walk of shame) i do like tommy a lot and who knows what was really going on but it’s always fun to speculate on the random things you see around these so cal parts! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

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