tori amos – abnormally attracted to sin – cover

good evening! today was totally awesome – it all started this morning when spinner unveiled the gorgeous cover of tori amos‘ 10th new studio album abnormally attracted to sin due out on may 19th – along with the tracklisting and a small interview! i’m simply overjoyed at the thought of new tori material (her last brilliant album american doll posse was released back in 2007) she’ll be previewing some songs during a small show at SXSW – i was thinking to go to austin but sadly i don’t think i’ll be able to swing it (considering the festival kicks off this weekend) i’m sure she’ll hit the road again – i can see her the next time she’s in los angeles! ms. amos is my be all & end all (and has been for years – since ’92) whatever she has cooked up for this album will surely be incredible as always – i’m dying to hear some audio streams! (hopefully a few tracks will leak soon)

not only was there good news concerning tori … i also got word of the new indigo girls album – poseidon and the bitter bug due out on march 24th – amy ray & emily saliers are right up there alongside ms. amos – plus they’re playing here on may 14th – i must go! (now only if courtney love would actually release her new album nobody’s daughter – that would complete the whole ‘good things come in threes’ theory – supposedly it’s releasing on june 8th but i’m not holding my breathe) popbytes over & out for now … xoxo


tori amos abnormally attracted to sin tracklist
1. give
2. welcome to england
3. strong black vine
4. flavor
5. not dying today
6. maybe california
7. curtain call
8. fire to your plain
9. police me
10. that guy
11. abnormally attracted to sin
12. 500 miles
13. mary jane
14. starling
15. fast horse
16. ophelia
17. lady in blue

+ a DVD of corresponding ‘visualettes’ for each track will accompany the deluxe version of abnormally attracted to sin. these interlocking episodic films bring to life the narrative arc of the album. the footage was captured over the past year and shot with a noir twist in HD and Super 8.

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