tori amos: no love for the G8 summit…

good evening! as expected a mighty heart was very intense and sad – i will say angelina jolie did an excellent job playing mariane pearl (widow of slain reporter daniel pearl) i’ll be posting a more in-depth review soon once i gather my thoughts! anyways my dear tori amos had a message for the 33rd G8 summit that kicked off in germany wednesday night…ms. amos was playing in dusseldorf and before she sang fat slut tori added a small ‘sassy’ improv (lyrics & video are both posted below) gosh she’s so fierce and chooses her words oh so carefully (i doubt she’ll be playing at the white house anytime soon – plus she wouldn’t even want to!) many thanks to the good folks over at spinner for the heads up on this one! popbytes over & out for tonight…xxoo!

G8 fuckers,

G8, can you penetrate this gluttony?

from every pore

from every man

who is now whore

who whores this land

who rapes my mother

G8 you cocksuckers…

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